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Joy Knight

  • wife to 1, mom to 3 humans and 1 canine

  • ENFP - basically a human labrador retriever

  • lived in 5 states, 7 cities, and 12 houses in 15 years of marriage

  • used to run because I loved I run because the canine

  • lift heavy things to impress my kids

  • Anne of Green Gables is my bosom buddy and I still hope to one day find my way to Narnia

  •  recovering performance junkie (see ENFP), allured by hope, captivated by grace, learning to dwell in the story being written for me (staring down 40 makes this all a bit clearer)

  • reno, seriously, it is a problem...half of the 12 houses were "fixer uppers" before Chip and Jo made it look so easy

  • dark chocolate makes me a nicer person

  • classically trained vocalist, but love to wail anything from Jolene to Billy Jean

  • Eva Cassidy is my fave

  • people lover, storyteller 

  • choose mountains over beach but very excited to finally be settled within a short driving distance of both