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I am a family photographer in, but not limited to, the Durham, NC area.

Christie Purifoy in her book Roots and Sky…

“Where does art come from? Like so many of the very best things in this world, its roots spread through emptiness and brokenness. Art begins when someone recognizes that things are not as they should be. Whether we speak of poems or paintings or places {or photos}, all art acknowledges an absence and dreams of something other, something more. Art is the material form of hope.

I have now lived enough life to carry with me every day the brokenness of this world. But these years and this life has also made me more keenly aware of the beauty. My photo journey started as a discipline to stop, pay attention, and train my eyes to see the beauty in simplicity. The loveliness of the mundane. If art is the material form of hope, you and your people are the conduit. Family is where we get a chance at redemption, we get to live out our faith in hope. I recognize that things are not as they should be. But I also acknowledge that you and yours are that something other, that something more. If this resonates with you, please drop me a line. You can fill out the contact form below, shoot me an email at joy@joyknightphoto.com or give me a ring at 205.470.5409. Let’s make some art together!

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