A chilly and brisk morning with the Dillons...

I love it when clients share with clients!  Anyone following me on Instagram can see that a lot of our time over the last few months has been dedicated to renovating an old farmhouse in North Durham.  It has been a dream come true!  We will be listing it in a few weeks, but I have been trying to utilize the property and old barn in my photo sessions as often as possible while I still can.


Kelly saw a session I did with a mutual friend of ours at the barn last fall and loved the rustic barn look and felt it would best capture the essence of her family of outdoorsy boys.  Kyle is heading to college in a couple years and, as most Mamas do, Kelly wanted to capture some family moments while she still has all her boys under one roof.  Time flies, ya'll!  


One of the ways I love to serve my clients is by sharing with them the thing that drew me to photography in the first place...this telling of a story and the details that may seem insignificant in the moment, but that truly capture the sounds, tastes, feelings that made it memorable to you.  As I watch my kiddos grow, it is not so much the big milestone moments I worry about forgetting, but the everyday mundane that I don't ever want to forget...that cow lick and the way her nose crinkles when she laughs.  The crooked smile or tilt of the head when he is really listening.  This is the gift that photography gives to us.  The beautiful everyday.

Kelly has such a sweet connection with her boys and I am so glad she now has evidence of that connection frozen in time.  Life will definitely be changing for the Dillons in the next few years, but they will always have these images to remember, "This is us.  This is who we are."  We also proved that cold, grey January days can still make beautifully connected photographs!  Body heat encourages physical connections!

Thank you, Kelly, for inviting me in to these moments with you!  You done good, Mama!